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SNOOPY WITH HEART – Premium Custom Omnipod Snaps® Cover


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Premium Custom Omnipod Snaps® Cover – SNOOPY WITH HEART


The covers are reusable and fit the Omnipod U-100 and Omnipod DASH.

My covers have been extensively tested. The covers hold up while sleeping, exercising, showering, with no problems!  Easy to apply and remove.  Once you place the Omnipod on your body, you can snap the cover on, wear it for 3 days and when you remove the pod you can gently remove the cover once the pod is off your body.  Please do NOT attempt to remove the cover while the Omnipod is on your body as the cannula may dislodge causing the Omnipod to malfunction.


The cover is made on a 3D printer with high quality PLA plastic.  Once the cover has been made it is coated with UV resin to protect the paint and improve durability.


My covers are not liable for Omnipod devices not working properly. The snap on cover itself and the material used cannot cause the device to malfunction.


Shipped with USPS First Class Package.

Condition: New

Brand: Handmade by Omnipod Snaps®

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Weight.50 oz
Dimensions7.5 × 6 × .75 in